Famous Female Pirates - Women in Piracy

History of our world is full of many tales of piracy, but none are more interesting than those two describe the adventures and struggles of female pirates. Here you can find out more about some of the most famous female pirates who spread terror across seven seas.

Picture Of Female Pirate Awilda


One of the most famous legends about female pirates is the story of Denmark’s Queen Awilda, who fell in love with her future husband during the fierce fight between her pirate crew and his royal soldiers. Here you can find out do they lived “happily ever after.”

Picture Of Charlotte De Berry Women On Pirate Ship

Charlotte de Berry

One of the most famous fictional female pirates that were active in the Caribbean is, without a doubt, Charlotte de Berry. Although no one can claim the accuracy of the tales created about her, stories about her life still circulate in modern popular culture.

Picture Of Female Pirate Ching Shih

Ching Shih

Ching Shih was without a doubt one of the most powerful and ruthless pirates in the entire history of mankind. During her active years, she commanded over one of the largest pirate fleets in China, defying the military powers of all largest naval powers of her time.

Picture Of Female Pirate Grace O Malley And Queen Elizabeth I

Grace O'Malley

To this day, Grace O’ Malley remains one of the most prominent figures in the Irish folklore. Here you can find out more about her fascinating life, which fueled many modern legends and myths that are still popular today.

Picture Of Female Pirate Jeanne De Clisson Jeanne De Belleville

Jeanne de Clisson

Jeanne de Clisson is remembered today for her 13 year-long spree of revenge against the French forces in the 14th century. Here you can find out more about the reason for her becoming one of the most famous female pirate captains of all time.

Picture Of Female Pirate Mary Read

Mary Read

Mary Read is today remembered as one of the only two women which records can be found in historical records of the age today known as Golden Age of Piracy. Find out more about this fierce fighter who served on the crew of the John Rackham’s famous pirate ship “The Revenge”.

Picture Of Female Pirate

Rachel Wall

One of the most notable female pirates of the late 18th century was American born Rachel Wall. Here you can find out more about her life of piracy, from the first moment she saw the sea to the moment of her execution in 1789.

Picture Of Famous Female Pirate Anne Bonny
Picture Of Female Pirate Sayyida Al Hurra