Awilda Pirate Biography

Among the many myths and legends of famous female pirates that are remembered today, one of the best known is of Awilda, famous Scandinavian princess who embraced the life of piracy to evade his father's wishes to marry an unknown prince.

The legend of her life is today remembered mostly in Denmark, her birthplace. As the story goes, she was born in the fifth century as a daughter of Synardus, Gotland's king. Even though her parents kept her locked away in a tower, protected by two poisonous snakes, one suitor managed to defeat all their traps and managed to ask her father for Awilda’s hand. Not knowing anything about the young prince Alf (successor to the throne of Denmark), Awilda escaped from her parents' castle dressed as a man. She decided to become a pirate with her female friends' help and managed to commandeer a ship. During her journeys, she encountered a pirate ship without a captain, and the pirate crew soon elected her to be their leader.

After receiving the news that pirates have returned to the Denmark Sea’s, the King of Denmark dispatched young Alf to defeat them. Not knowing that he will be fighting against Awilda, Alf fought fiercely and managed to board her ship. Alf managed to subdue the pirate crew during the fight that ensued and bind them all in chains. Still not seeing their captain's true identity, Alf came to Alwilda and removed her helmet that concealed her face. She was apparently so impressed with this skill and courage that she revealed her true identity to him and agreed to marry him on the spot. After the wedding was performed on the ship's deck, they went to the shore where they lived the remainder of their lives as a King and Queen of Denmark.

Picture Of Female Pirate Awilda
Picture Of Female Pirate Awilda
Picture Of Princes Alvilda