Timeline of Female Pirates

  • 3rd century BC - The earliest mentioning of female pirates comes from the Adriatic Sea, when Queen Teuta of Illyria ordered attacks of Roman ship and coastal cities, thus triggering First Illyrian War.
  • 4th - 9th century - Numerous Viking female pirates operated in the waters of the northern Europe, most notably Rusila, Stikla, Princess Sela, Alvid and Alfhild.
  • 911-918 - Æthelflæd, daughter of the Wessex king Alfred the Great managed to personally rid the seas from Viking raiders by commanding the Anglo-Saxon forces of her dead husband Danes. She was also known as "The Lady of the Mercians".
  • 1343-1356 - French woman Jeanne-Louise de Belleville (also known as Lioness of Brittany) became pirate who attacked only French ships in an attempt to avenge the execution of her husband.
  • 1530-1603 - Famous historian figure and Irish folk legend Grace O'Malley protected the lands and waters of West Ireland by commanding the small pirate fleet.
  • 1528 - 1534 - English female pirate called "The Red Lady" successfully pillaged unsuspecting ships who accepted her as a shipmate, only to found out that she is without mercy. Her identity was never revealed.
  • 1570 - Lady Mary Killigrew operated as a pirate with the permission of Queen Elizabeth of England. After several successful raids, she was brought to justice but her friendship with the queen brought her small punishment. She died while working as stolen goods merchant few years later.
Picture Of Pirates And Women
  • 1650s-1660s - Jacquotte Delahaye operated in the Caribbean and was often called "Back from the Dead Red" because her red hair and numerous returns from fake death attempts.
  • 1718-1721 - Baltic pirate Ingela Gathenhielm took control of her husband Lars Gathenhie lmpirate fleet after his death in 1718.
  • 1719-1720 - The most famous female pirate Anne Bonny operated in the waters of the Caribbean with her lover pirate captain John "Calico Jack" Rackham and her friend Mary Read.
  • 1718-1720 - English female pirate Mary Read (often dressed as man and called Mark Read) was part of the "Calico" Jack Rackham crew aboard his ship "Revenge".
  • 1770s - Rachel Wall is today regarded as one of the first American born female pirates. She served as a privateer in American Revolutionary War. After operating several years as a pirate, she was finally caught and sentenced to death by hanging in 1789.
  • Early 19th century - Famous Chinese female pirate Ching Shih (also known as Zheng Yi Sao) managed to unite pirates in China Sea into force of 1800 ships and 80 thousand pirates.
  • 1806 - Charlotte Badger is today considered to be first Australian female pirate.
  • 1823 - The last female Sweden pirate - Johanna Hård.
  • Early to mid-20th century - Several Chinese female pirates operated in Asian waters - Lo Hon-cho [active in 1920s) had command over 64 ships, Lai ShoSz'en (1920s and 30s) 12 ships and Huang P'ei-mei (1937-1950s) who had command over 50 thousand pirates.
  • 1970s - 1990s - Chinese female pirate Cheng Chui smuggled thousands of Chinese immigrants to the U.S. and Europe. She currently serves her 35 year long prison sentence.
Picture Of Pirates And Women
Picture Of Pirates And Women